Fund information

1. Investment objectives and strategy


Investment objectives


The investment objective of the United Vietnam ESG Equity Fund (UVEEF) is to pursue long-term capital growth through building a balanced and diversified portfolio of stocks of companies listed on the Vietnam stock market with following characteristics:

-       Leading companies in respective sector, good fundamentals and sustainable long-term growth prospects, good stock liquidity;

-       Comply with ESG standards (*) and have good ESG score by UOBAMV Investment team. The UVEEF aims to promote good practice by companies toward ESG standards to improve competitiveness and sustainable development. Thereby, it will increase the value of these companies and contribute to the increase in value of the investments of the UVEEF.


(*) ESG: stand for Environment (E), Social Responsibility (S), and Corporate Governance (G). ESG is a set of standards to evaluate the sustainable development of a company in addition to the traditional important goal of maximizing corporate profits. 
Environment (E): Assess the company's efficient usage of energy, waste treatment, pollution, and protection of natural resources. The standard also looks at environmental risks a company is facing and how it is handling or plans to handle these risks.
Social Responsibility (S): Evaluate the company's business relationships such as relationships with suppliers, distribution channels...; Percentage of profit taken to contribute to social activities and community; Working conditions, safety and health of employees; Whether it has in place a corporate policy to prevent sexual abuse or racial discrimination.
Corporate Governance (G): Evaluate the company’s accounting system, reporting, corporate information and their accuracy and transparency; Shareholders' right to vote on important issues, measures to limit conflicts of interest, equal rights for women in corporate governance, as well as the diversity and independence of the board of directors.


Investment strategy


The UVEEF adopts an investment strategy that flexibly combines the philosophy of value investing and growth investing. Specifically, the UVEEF focuses mainly on industries and companies that benefit from Vietnam's economic growth, favorable demography, strong domestic demand and the wave of FDI inflow into Vietnam.
Regarding growth objective, the UVEEF focuses on analyzing fundamental factors, assessing long-term competitiveness of companies, evaluating ESG standards practice, and so on to select companies that are industry leaders or have the potential to become a leading and sustainably growing company in the industry.
Regarding value objective, the UVEEF evaluates between the potential intrinsic value and current valuation of the company to find investment opportunities.
Equally important, the investment strategy of the UVEEF is also based on a culture that always upholds the role of risk management and adheres to the risk management framework of UOBAM Group, therefore would prevent risks for UOB's customers in Vietnam and other markets.


2. Key information


(*) Note:

-       Investors need to transfer the amount registered to buy fund units from the bank account in the Investor's name by ordinary transfer. Subscription orders transfered to the Fund's account from E-wallet will be rejected.

-       Transfer fee to buy fund units and Transfer fee to sell fund units to investors is made according to the fee schedule of the Bank and paid by the investor.

-       Money from selling fund units (after deducting redemption service price and tax) will be refunded to Investors by the Fund Management Company at T+3. Remittance fee from the sale of fund units to the Investor's account will be deducted from the proceeds of the redemption of fund units.

-       Money from selling fund units will be transferred to the bank account which is initially registered in the Open-Ended Fund Account Opening And Investor Information Form.

-       Investors are kindly requested to consult the Fund's Charter and Prospectus before making an investment.


3. Fund Board of Representatives

·       Mr. Do Thanh Tung, CFA – Independent Member, Chairman

·       Ms. Thieu Thi Nhat Le – Vice chairman

·       Mr. Ly Trung Thanh – Independent member

·       Mr. Le Tien Dat – Independent member


4. Fund Managers

·       Mr. Dao Loc Thanh – Portfolio Manager

·       Ms. Nguyen Hong Nhung , CFA – Portfolio Manager


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